What is Vortex

Vortex is a 3D open level star fighter pilot game in which the player controls StarCraft that can also perform multiple maneuvers in a All-Range Mode style flight simulated cosmic world. Throughout the game, the player can fly through power-ups to collect them akin to classic Space fighters like Star Fox 64.

This game also contains an RPG element as one collects loot from missions you can upgrade an outfit your fighter with new weapons' shields and engines as well as boost the cores systems of your ship.

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The Ships

The Blue Sparrow

A starter Dovan class fighter its fairly mobile and light but extremely fragile

Armor:10- Shields:5- Engines:1

Starting Ship

The Star Sparrow

A Speedy X class fighter with strong mobility but weak over all defense.

Armor:30- Shields:20- Engines:5

100,000 C$

The Wind Lance

One of the most Agile Dovan Fighters with decent armor as well

Armor:40- Shields:15- Engines:10

130,000 C$

The Blade Wing

An Omega class Dovan Warship the ultimate balance of armor and shields.


600,000 C$

The Gold falcon

A fully loaded Dovan Armada flagship condensed into fighter form power incarnate

Armor:250- Shields:50- Engines:5

1,000,000 C$

The Night Hawk

A powerful ship with impressive shields but fairly weak armor

Armor:5- Shields:45- Engines: 17

200,000 C$

The Blood Baron

A master craft of war worth every credit its armor is legendary

Armor:150- Shields:30- Engines: 10

250,000 C$

The Steel Fist

A monster tank of a ship hard to maneuver but nearly indestructible

Armor:85- Shields:60- Engines:8

290,000 C$

The Storm Master

A legendary craft of speed and death its wingspan is the largest of all.

Armor:180- Shields:40- Engines:13

380,000 C$

The Deamon Dance

A frater class ship outfitted for war its slow but its armor and shields are second to none

Armor:150- Shields:90- Engines:10

450,000 C$

The Weapons

The Controls

Vortex Has Built in Full Controller Support

* * *

The Missions

In Addition to the Main Story Vortex has three other Mission Types Available

Last Update: 1, 2022

Mercenery Missions

Mercenary Missions are calls from other allies and fringe sectors that the Dovan initiative accepts in order to further funding for the war they can take many forms but are usually quick and focused assaults or assassinations of a primary target

Last Update: 1, 2022

Exploration Missions

Exploration Missions are tasks set by the High command of Dovan to expand their known territory’s, gather resources and perform recon in to far reaching outer sectors. All efforts focused to further the initiative’s ability to resist the Aldari Collective.

Last Update: 1, 2022

Challenge Missions

Challenge Missions are standing opportunity's to gain additional honor within the Imitative and test the true skill of Pilots. These missions are sometimes timed and can be very difficult. Be warned Pilots stake their weapons and ship on the mission if you fail they are forfeit.

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